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This service is for faculty and students.

What is Padlet and why would I use it in class? 

Padlet is a social digital canvas that many people can collaborate on and contribute to. The Padlet interface allows you to collect and display a variety of media - from websites, to files, to videos, to slides, to images, and pretty much anything else sharable on the web - all around a single topic.  

Padlet provides an easy way for instructors and students to contribute their own ideas and the ideas they've curated from the Internet around a specific topic, making it an equitable playing field for all. 

Contributing to a Padlet

It's easy to join and contribute to someone else' Padlet.  The author of the Padlet simply shares the "Join code" or URL and, with the permissions set up properly, others can contribute their own posts. 

Once inside the Padlet, look for the + sign to add your own content. You will be presented with a content block and prompted to "Write Something" or use the tool icons at the bottom to add external content. If you click the 3-dots for more options, you can choose from several different types of content. Once you click off the content block, Padlet saves what you posted. 

Adding ContentPadlet Content Types

Editing your post is done simply double-clicking back inside the content block. If the Padlet author added you as a contributor (instead of anonymous visitor), your name may appear on your post, depending on the Padlet's settings. 

Creating Your Own Padlet

You don't need an account to contribute to a Padlet, however privacy settings dictate if it's available for others to post. 

If you wish to create your own Padlet space, educators especially, are encouraged to sign up for their own account. There are limitations to the free account level - 3 Padlet canvas's and limited file uploads. 

There are several Pro account options as well.  Please contact the vendor for pricing plans

Padlet and Canvas

Any Padlet can be displayed inside a Canvas page through the "Insert > Embed" tool. 

 1. Copy the embed code from the Padlet (sometimes referred to as <iframe>

 2. Edit the Canvas page you want the Padlet to be displayed

 3. Go to Insert > Embed, and paste the <iframe> code








Getting Help

While Padlet IS endorsed for education, it is NOT officially adopted by ITS or STELAR, 

Please see Padlet's Knowledge Base for articles on using Padlet, resolving issues, or checking for updates. 

For accessibility considerations, please visit Padlet's page on Accessibility

There are also plenty of good video tutorials for using Padlet in education. Here are just a few:

To report a problem or receive additional troubleshooting, please contact the Tech Desk
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