Leaving St. Thomas Checklist for Students

Account Expiration

Student accounts expire 365 days after their last active term or graduation based on university policy. 

You will receive several warning messages in your inbox beginning 90 days, 30 days, seven days, and one day prior to the expiration date. 

During that time you will have access to Murphy Online to access your unofficial transcript and tax information, as well as your email and OneDrive.  During the year after you graduate, it is important that you update any personal accounts that use your University of St. Thomas credentials as they will be discontinued a year after graduation and all associated documents and files will be deleted.   If you forget your username as an alumni, simply go to our Password Reset article to get back into your account.


Again, once the year long grace period is up, you will lose all access to other university services that require a username and password (i.e. email, Canvas, library databases, Office 365, use of the computer labs, etc.). All files, e-mail messages and contacts stored on the server will be permanently deleted.  Please plan accordingly.

Transition Checklist

Use the checklist below to ensure you are prepared for making the transition out of St. Thomas.

1. Remember your login for Murphy Online

You won't be logging into your account as frequently as an alumni, but you will need to access it for Murphy Online to view your unofficial transcript and access any tax forms. Setup security questions now so that if you need to reset your password you will be back into your account in no time. Instructions to setup security questions as an alumni are available here.

2. Learn how to obtain your transcript

You can request an official or unofficial transcript through the Parchment Online Storefront.  You can read more about accessing transcripts here.

3. Backup Emails and Contacts

You are responsible for forwarding any important email messages from your St. Thomas account to a personal secondary email address (eg. Gmail). If there are any contacts you wish to save from correspondences done through your university email, it is important that you save these as well. 

4. Save Canvas files and assignments you want to keep

Before you lose access, download any assignments or resources from your courses that you wish to keep for your portfolio or for reference. To do this simply login to Canvas, go to your Account > Settings. Then click the "Download Submissions" button.

5. Move personal files out of OneDrive

St. Thomas offers students the option of storing files in OneDrive. These files will be deleted and cannot be retrieved after the account is deleted. It is important that you save these before you lose access.

6. Disconnect your St. Thomas email from other services (eg. Amazon Prime, Spotify, Social Media, badges, etc.)

After your account expires, you will not longer be able to access your email. It is important that if your St. Thomas account is connected to any other service such as social media, Amazon Prime, Spotify, or services you may have received an educational discount from that you disconnect these services and update those accounts with a personal email. This is important because you won't be able to reset your password on those other accounts once your St. Thomas email is no longer active.

If you earned digital badges or microcredentials with the Canvas Credential (formerly Badgr) account, switch your primary e-mail from your St. Thomas email to your personal email to have continued access to your digital badges and digital backpack. Read more at Managing your Canvas Badges/Credentials account

7. Notify others of email change

You can set up features that will help others trying to reach you. Create an automatic reply through Outlook App or through Office365.com Outlook WebApp to let others know of your new email address to be reached at after graduation. 

8. Learn about alumni resources

While some resources become limited, you can still access library resources as alumni while on campus. St. Thomas also offers a variety of services and use of campus facilities, discount tickets, continuing education discounts, career services and more through the Alumni Association.

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