Salesforce: How to Setup and Integrate ScheduleOnce

This service is for faculty and staff. 

How to Connect ScheduleOnce

  1. Log into Salesforce with your St. Thomas username and password. You may be prompted to verify your account with your multi-factor authentication option. 
  2. Go to your Inbox and find the email from ScheduleOnce. It should have come from “OnceHub Mailer”.  Note:  It may be in your Junk Email folder if it isn’t in your Inbox.
  3. Click on the link to “Sign in to your account”, then create your new password. Note: this password can be the same as your login password, but it is a non-UST system, so the password is maintained separately.
    Screenshot of OnceHub confirmation email
  4. From the main page of your OnceHub Account, click “Go to ScheduleOnce”.
    Screenshot of Schedule Once menu
  5. Review your time zone settings, then click “Continue to tour”, then click “Skip tour”.

  6. Click “Continue to calendar connection”.

  7. Find “Office 365 calendar via OAuth”, then click “Connect in ScheduleOnce”
  8. Find “Office 365 Calendar” then click “Connect”.

    If you have already signed into Office 365, the system should automatically connect.  You should see a confirmation screen similar to this. Click “ Continue Setup” to move to the next step. 


  1. Your personal Booking Page
    1. Click on the visible folder to toggle and show your booking page.
    2. Click on your Name to open your booking page.
    3. Click “Salesforce Settings”  to complete the Salesforce integration.
    4. Find Salesforce and click “Connect”
    5. A new tab will open and ask you to log into Salesforce.  Log in using “adfs” .  Complete the UST Login process to finish the integration. You should get a confirmation screen when complete.