Zoom: Annotation Assignment (Student Version)

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This article outlines the student instructions for participating in the Zoom Breakout Room Collaborative Annotation Activity. Instructors are encouraged to share this article with their students.

Create your assigned annotations

  1. Find the assignment file in Canvas or as directed by your Instructor.
  2. Assign one person in your breakout group to open the file and share their screen.
  3. Group: Use the Zoom annotation tools to mark up the screen as instructed.
    1. Click on View Options and choose Annotate.
      Zoom annotation feature
    2. Annotation Tools:annotation tools

Saving and sharing your annotations

  1. One participant (not the sharer) clicks on the Save icon. Click on Show in Folder to find your image.
    share option in Zoom
  2. Return to main Zoom room when instructor directs to share saved image with the whole group
    Zoom share screen icon
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