How to Schedule a Report in Cognos Analytics 11

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This article provides instructions on scheduling reports to run and a link be emailed daily/weekly/yearly in Cognos Analytics 11.

How to Schedule a Report in Cognos Analytics

  1. Once you navigate to the report you wish to create a schedule for select the three dots (More) 
  2. Select the "Properties" option 
  3. Toggle to the "Schedule" tab  and select "Create Schedule" 

  1. A new window will appear with three tabs available: Schedules, Options, and Prompts. Focusing on the Schedules tab:
  • Set the Frequency (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly)
  • Set the Repeat every - depending on what your Frequency is set to
  • Set the Repeat on - depending on what your Frequency is set to

As you make changes the Summary on the right will update.

  1.  Scroll down to set the Period of duration for the schedule:
  • Choose a Start Date (Default is the current date)
  • Choose a time for the report to run (Default is current time)
  • Uncheck "No end date" to set a date this schedule will end

  1.  Next navigate to "Options" Tab at the top of the window 
  • Format: Set the format you would like the report to run under
    • HTML: View within the computer interface (not great for download)
    • PDF:  good for download but not editing
    • Excel: Includes headers and formatting on output (good for download - best excel option)
    • Excel Data: Only includes data from report, no extra formatting or content (good for download and easy filtering)
    • CSV: Comes out in .csv format (good for download and easy analysis or upload into another system)
    • XML: Not recommended for use

Delivery: Select the "Send Report by Email" and click "Edit Details" next to the email option.

  • A new window will appear where you can set the Email options:
    • Add email address of report recipeints (Only use email addresses)
    • You can type in part of a name and search directory to help navigate email addresses
    • CC or BCC optional
    • Subject: Default is the report name but it can be updated to what you would like
    • Message: Optional message into the body of the email
    • Ensure "Include Link" is checked (Default) to share a link to the pre-run report
  • Click blue SAVE button and the entire schedule will be saved

Your new schedule will be showcased on the original properties tab now and can be edited anytime needed! You can also enable or disable the schedule by sliding the blue bar at the top left or right.

Watch a video walk through of scheduling a report here:

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