Salesforce: How to Clone a Dashboard or Report in Lightning


How to Clone a Dashboard or Report in Salesforce Lightning

  1. Navigate and open the report or dashboard you want to make a copy of.
  2. In the upper right side click the down arrow next to subscribe to reveal more options
  3. Select “Save As” option 
  4. Enter the name of your new dashboard and the Folder you will want to save this report
    1. The default is “Copy Of [Current Report/Dashboard Name]” and the folder you are working in.
  5. Click blue Create button to finish the copy. 
  6. The new name of your report or dashboard should now appear in the upper left-hand side.

What Does It Mean To Make A Copy Of A Dashboard Or Report In Salesforce Lightning?

When you “Save As” a new dashboard or report you are saving an exact copy of the dashboard or report you are viewing, including all filters and views you have included. You will now have the ability to change filters or add new views and reports that populate a dashboard. This is a great option when you like the base of the report or dashboard you already built but need to change the data you are viewing without hitting your 3 filter and/or join limit.

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