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Rich Content Editor is the ribbon of tools at the top of the frame when you edit pages, discussions, assignments, etc. in Canvas.


This service is for faculty and students.

You might not know what it’s called, but you have used the Rich Content Editor multiple times. It’s the ribbon of tools at the top of the frame when you edit pages, discussions, assignments, etc. in Canvas. Beginning January 5th, 2021, the new Rich Content Editor has become the default editor for all Canvas users.

Legacy Rich Content Editor - replaced beginning January 5, 2021

The new Rich Content Editor is much more compact (only one row of tools) and eliminates the right side-bar menu:

Advantages of the New Rich Content Editor:

  • one hour of auto save (no more losing your work when your browser crashes or you accidentally click Cancel instead of Save)
  • more space on the screen for your work
  • less scrolling when you build things like quizzes and syllabi

Where Did All the Buttons Go?

All the items currently in the menus at the right side of your screen have been split into different icons in the new Rich Content Editor. Use the screenshot below to match up the corresponding letter to where the button is placed within the rich context editor. 

  1. Course Links
  2. Course Images
  3. Course Media
  4. Course Files
  5. External tools (including Panopto, YouTube, and library materials) are now in the “plug” icon.
  6. The Accessibility Checker (now on the bottom right)
  7. HTML/Text Editor toggle (now on the bottom right)
  8. You can also use the menu to do your editing. Click each of the menus to find some additional functionality, such as: undo/redo, inserting a horizontal line as a visual break, additional options for formatting text, and more.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Canvas has updated tutorials for faculty and students. Plus, Canvas Support is available 24/7 to help you.



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