Compare Mass Email and Marketing Tools


The following information details the types of tools available for sending large-scale or recurring emails to the campus community and beyond. 

Features by Mass Email and Marketing Tool:

Email Feature Outlook (local desktop app or Office365) Outlook Distribution Group Office 365 Group Lyris Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Level of complexity to setup, use, maintain Walk run Car Bus Jet
Recipient Limit per Email Message 500 100,000 5000 members No limit No limit
Moderated No No No Yes Yes
Owner Managed / Sub Managed / Auto Populate Owner Managed ITS Managed or Auto Populated Owner Managed All All
SMS Text Message Capability No No No No Yes
Can send to external / internal audience Both Internal Both Both Both

Recipient opt in and/or out, or sender manages the email addresses 

Owner manages membership ITS Managed

Owner manages membership

Can be public, open to membership requests

All All
One time mailing or mailing template is reusable One time mailing Reuse One time mailing - message board Both Both
Analytics and reporting capabilities  (e.g. Click Track) No No


Yes Yes
Personalization (e.g. Dear First Name) capabilities No No No Yes Yes
Ability to schedule a send in the future Technically yes, but not recommended No No Yes Yes
Branded template available Yes, by request No No Yes Yes
Data integration: ODS / Banner Access No Yes No Yes Yes
Estimated time to on-board a new group Immediate 1-5 business days 1-5 business days 5-10 business days 6-12 months
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General Outlook Support

How to Setup a Personal Contact Group





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