How to Use the Knowledge Base

Innovation & Technology Services (ITS) created this knowledge base for you to easily search for answers to your technology questions. 

Find Articles

Use the Find Answers category in the Knowledge Base to read instructions, tutorials, and answers to frequently asked questions to popular St. Thomas services. 

How to use the Search feature

You can also leverage the search bar at the top of the page to find the answers of your questions.

  • Search by keywords and phrases. 
  • Search by your role. We've included tags for each of the main university roles (#faculty, #staff, #student) on articles that contain specific tutorials available for you. This is a good way to distinguish articles that are most relevant to you. For example, how to use Canvas varies for a student vs. how a faculty wants to build their course in Canvas. Use these links below to find all articles for you. Add a keyword after your role tag to narrow the search (eg. #faculty canvas
  • Search by Category. We've divided the knowledge base into three main categories that you see from the Knowledge Base main page: 
    • for new St. Thomas members just getting started with their accounts
    • for current fac/staff/students; and 
    • for visitors to campus (parents, friends, conference attendees, guests, etc.)

Articles Secured for St. Thomas Members Only

For security reasons, some step-by-step instructions on how to use our university systems require you to login first. If you're a current St. Thomas faculty, staff, or student you will be able to sign in and find hundreds of articles with tutorials, frequently asked questions, and best practices. 

How to Sign in to View All Services & Articles

Use the Sign In button in the upper right hand corner of this webpage to login with your university credentials. 

Screenshot of where to find the search box and sign in link.

New to Campus?

Incoming students and new employees should use the Getting Started category to find out how to setup your St. Thomas account, choose multi-factor authentication methods, and more. All the instructions on these pages are visible without needing to login. 

Visitors on Campus

A variety of articles are visible to the public to assist visitors on campus with instructions on how to use the wi-fi and find public resources. 


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