Internet & Home Networks During COVID-19

This service is for faculty, staff, and students.

Several of the major internet and data carriers are offering assistance to new and existing customers during the pandemic. Whether you are facing financial stress or need higher bandwidth due to household members using the internet at the same time, be sure to reach out to your internet service provider to learn about options available to you. 

Internet & Data Service Providers

Listed below are a handful of internet and telecom service providers who pledged to offer either free or discounted internet / data during COVID-19 period since we are in unprecedented times. 

Troubleshooting Slow Internet Speeds & Connection Issues

Are you experiencing poor internet connection or other network issues? Find out how to troubleshoot and fix common issues in our Internet Troubleshooting: How to check your web browser and internet speeds knowledge base article. 

To report a problem or receive additional troubleshooting, please contact the Tech Desk
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