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UPDATE: Microsoft retired Flip (formerly named Flipgrid) on July 1st, 2024. They assert that previous videos are available for download until September 30, 2024. Details are in the Microsoft Flip FAQ website. The following information from the previous St. Thomas knowledge base article is retained here temporarily for historical context:

Flipgrid is a simple, free, and accessible video discussion experience that makes teaching and learning more personal, fun, and engaging. This article provides information for how to log in and manage videos and what to expect as assignments are completed using Flipgrid. Let’s get started.  

Accessing Flipgrid for class assignments

Flipgrid access may be provided through an email, QR code, share link or Canvas. Instructors are recommended to set up topics to require either a secure email login or use Canvas as a login. For problems accessing a class Flipgrid topic, reach out to the instructor.

Accessing Flipgrid through email

If the link is shared via email, posted on Canvas, or shared as a QR code, choose Join with Microsoft when prompted and and use your University of St.Thomas user name and password for all class Flipgrids. Contact the instructor if encountering any problems with access.

Image of Flipgrid login choice of either Google or Miscrosoft






Accessing Flipgrid through Canvas

If Flipgrid is set up for access through Canvas, click on the assignment and Flipgrid will load directly in Canvas or in a new page similar to the image below. Logging in is not required to record a response.

View of a Flipgrid topic in a canvas assignment

Using Flipgrid

When  topic is part of a group, Flipgrid will display the group name and the prompt as shown in the screen capture below. If enabled, select Follow Group to receive notification of new posts.

Groups, notifications, and prompts

Picture of Flipgrid Topic as viewed from canvas using LTI Integration. You see a banner image, the group name, a follow button to get notifications and the topic prompt to respond too.

Recording responses and replies

Responses can be recorded using any combination of video, audio, screen capture, a white board, or pictures. Additional tools can be applied such as filters, text, frame borders, and other tools that only you see to help you record your response. The topic settings chosen by the instructor will determine what grids can be seen and who can respond to them. For more guidance on how to record a response or comment on another participant’s video, please refer to How to record and submit a video and Text Comments - Replying to video Responses with text.

Picture of options available as you record Flipgrid responses

Downloading Your Flipgrid Response 

After recording your response, you will be able to download your video responses for your personal records. For more information, please see Students: Download Your Videos.  To avoid loss of your work, be sure to download a copy of your videos immediately after you record.

Interface to Download QR code, Video and Cover image of a Flipgrid response

Note: Flipgrid is not available through Canvas when using incognito mode on Google Chrome.

My Flipgrid (only available through St. Thomas email sign-in) 

Logging in through a St. Thomas account allows access to My Flipgrid and the videos that have been created and shared by a user. Select from the Actions dropdown list in My Flipgrid to share videos, hide responses, download videos or cover images, or delete responses.

Different topics can be joined from My Flipgrid using a join code. Please note that Flipgrid is also available via the Flipgrid app. For more information on how to join a new topic, see How to join a Topic or Group

Note: Flipgrid responses and features will not be available when video submissions are recorded through Canvas. Contact the instructor for a copy of Canvas submissions. 

For more information about using Flipgrid, please refer to the Flipgrid help guide or ask your instructor. 

To report a problem or receive additional troubleshooting, please contact the Tech Desk
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