Controlling Availability in ScheduleOnce

This guide will walk you through accessing your ScheduleOnce booking page and setting up Recurring availability


1. Open a new Chrome browser tab, then navigate and log into Schedule Once:

        a. Note:  Your ScheduleOnce password is unique to ScheduleOnce and may not be your St. Thomas password.  It is whatever you set it up as when you were initially set up to accept appointments in the ScheduleOnce.

2.    From the main page, click “Go to ScheduleOnce."

Click the big blue ScheduleOnce button

3.   Click on Setup

Setup is in the upper menu

5.    Click on your Department folder (example: Academic Counseling) to toggle and show your booking page. 
6.    Click on your Name to open your Booking Page

             a. Note: You may have multiple booking pages if your team offers separate in-person or virtual appointments. The booking page should be appropriately labeled to indicate what it                 is for. 

The Booking page should be your name

Setting your availability

1. Navigate to the Recurring Availability tab in the left sidebar menu

Left sidebar menu, under associated calendars you should see recurring availability

a. Ignore the pop-up, since daily availability is controlled on the outlook calendar side we don't use this function. Recurring availability is similar to setting office hours.

2. Edit the times you want this booking page to show availability by clicking on the appropriate squares. You can click piecemeal or hold the mouse down to drag large swaths of time. 

Mark empty spaces with green to make them available

3. ScheduleOnce will still use your calendar to show day-by-day availability, but will only pull from days/times that you have set in your recurring availability.

4. Once you are satisfied with your availability make sure you check the other tabs in the left sidebar menu, especially the location and public content sections, as those will be visible in the appointment scheduler and confirmation.


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