Help Student Tutors Access Training Resources

This service is for faculty and staff who are tutor supervisors or manage their department tutoring services. 

This article is for Tutor Leaders-- UST staff and faculty who are the lead managers of tutoring services in their area and/or supervisors of student employee tutors in their area. Tutor Leaders assist student employee tutors with accessing digital training (Tutor Training Canvas Hub required modules and FERPA training) and account access (secondary account called XST and the Tutor Salesforce Department-level page).  

Supervisors/Manager of Tutors: Complete Module 0

There is a Tutor Training Hub (in Canvas) for all student employee tutors and their supervisors. Supervisors please enroll in the Tutor Training Hub  and complete Module 0 to ensure you are familiar with the training expectations for tutors. 

  • Staff/faculty who are supervisors but not yet enrolled in that Tutor Training Hub can self enroll.  After self-enrolling, message one of the contact people on the home page and ask to have your level of access changed to a TA or Teacher role so you know when your student tutors are in the site.
    • Staff and faculty (supervisors and support team members) need  Teacher or TA-level permissions access in the Canvas course to be able to access the Module 0 Onboarding for Supervisors. (Module 0 is not visible or accessible to anyone logged in as a student role in Canvas but is available to anyone with Teacher or TA  level permissions.)
  • Begin the Canvas Tutor Training Hub Module 0 (Getting Started Before the Fall Semester) BEFORE you add your student tutors into the Canvas site. 
  • If your department is new to using the Tutor Salesforce sign in system, please submit a request to Explain your department needs a department-level Tutor Salesforce dashboard site up (and give the name of the department so that the sign-in button will state "Sign up for XXX" (name of department). Also request to have the My Tommie Support page set up with a Sign In button for your tutor area to be used for drop-in appointments. (Or if you will be using Schedule Once for scheduled appointments, ask to set up a time to get that set up and get trained to use that system.)

Provide Your Tutor(s) Access to the Training Hub  

The Tutor Training Hub Canvas site has a required module 1 for all student employee tutors to complete before beginning work with students as well as additional training/badging opportunities. The first module includes demonstrating an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a tutor  (including specific requirements as a D1 School, how to access FERPA and other accounts as a tutor, and DEI foundations as a tutor). 

After you (the supervisor/manager of tutors) are already in the Tutor Training Hub, please make sure any new student tutor you hire is added into the Tutor Training Hub by sending them the self-enroll link for the Canvas site.

  • This self-enroll link is a password protected URL that only works when logged into your UST account to use this password protected Tutor Training hub. Module 0 for staff/faculty also includes a sample letter that you may want to send your new tutors as you are sending them the self-enroll link. 
  • Even though student tutors will access their Salesforce from their XST account, student employees should log into their Canvas Tutor Training hub with their regular St. Thomas email (not XST) since we want them to be able to earn digital badges with their regular/official St. Thomas username.

Get Tutors Account Access  

In order for your tutor employees to fill in post tutor session information into your Department Tutor Salesforce page, they need to have completed the FERPA training and accessed an XST account which is an extra (secondary) email account for tutors.

For NEW Tutor Student Employees: To get your new tutors access to the appropriate FERPA training and accounts, please follow these steps:

  1. Request an XST account for each tutor through this  secondary account management. It's a secondary account request because you need your tutors to have an additional St. Thomas email account so that they can log into the department tutor Saleforce page to add information after each tutor session (It's called XST for Xtra STudent account.)
    Tips on what to fill in for a NEW student tutor account:
    • Title of ticket: Student employee tutor needs XST account to access Salesforce Tutor Dashboard for the ________ (state name of your department/area of tutoring) 
    • Select "I need a new user account."
    • Select XST Student (for the security account type)
    • Requested for: Type in the official UST email(s) for each student employee who is a new tutor who needs FERPA and an XST account. If you have more than one student employee that you are requesting access for at the time of submitting this request, please include multiple requests in one form.
    • Account Expiration: Typically for student tutors, leave the box blank (the default) so the student employee will have this XST account for that entire school year and then you will renew/request the XST account the following (fall) year for returning student tutors. (All XST accounts need to be renewed by supervisors/managers each year by October 1 for that new year.)
    • For Security Student Account Access: Select Salesforce
    • Has the account holder completed FERPA? If the student employee is a new tutor on your team respond "No" (they did not yet complete FERPA), and if they were on your team last year using your Department Tutor Salesforce account already you could answer "Yes"  (they did already complete FERPA).
    • Whose Salesforce Access should we copy? Please type in the name (UST User name and ID)  of a student employee from your department team who already has current access (or last year access) to your department Salesforce page. That will let the Salesforce Team know which department page to copy.
      • If you are new to using the Salesforce Tutor page and do not have any one from the past year to list, reach out to and say that you are a new Tutor Leader (Staff/faculty supervisor of tutors for the ____ department) and that you need to get your Tutor Department Salesforce dashboard set up. Also reach out to someone in the Tutor Leaders group to ask if someone can meet with you to talk through the overall steps if that would be supportive to your onboarding as a supervisor. 
    • For Account control: Most tutor areas will only need to select "Workhours". If you do not need to restrict tutors to working on a certain computer, then select Workhours and note "This XST account is for a student employee tutor and will need to be able to access their accounts during tutoring which could be during the day and/or evening." If you also need them to use a certain computer only, then also select "Workstation" and type in the computer asset number. Otherwise your tutor can have the flexibility to log into their XST account (security) from any computer after using their log in credentials. 
    • Context for request: Type something like "These student employee tutors need access to these accounts so that they can complete their training before they start tutoring on ____ (date). Please send me their XST accounts, one time password and directions I should give the tutors to get their XST accounts created. And then, these student employees will also need to be given access to the Salesforce dashboard page for the ______ (tell the name of your department/area of tutoring) department."  I'd also suggest typing in the name, official UST email and the student employee ID number in this box for the one or more people you are requesting need this XST and then Salesforce access. 
  2. Student employees complete the FERPA (online 20 minute training).  The FERPA course invitation will come as an email to the student employee from the Bridge Professional Development portal.  Once the student employee completes FERPA, they should email our Registrar Yuko Kachinsky ( and also courtesy copy their supervisor a copy of the message that says they completed the course. This is important because our Registrar does not automatically get a notification who has completed the training. 
  3. An ITS XST account staff will send you/the supervisor information that you then send to your student employee on how to activate their XST account. If you do not get a note with their XST accounts (and how to explain to your tutors about changing the one time password to a new password), please go back into your ticket and let the ITS team know that your student employees do not know how to access their XST accounts.  (Please read the XST Student Worker account page directions in the Canvas Tutor Training hub Module 1 for additional tips.)
  4. Next, the Salesforce team sends a letter to the student employees in their XST account (and cc's you) providing Salesforce account access to your Department Tutor Salesforce dashboard/page. When the Salesforce team sets up new tutor(s) with their Department Tutoring Salesforce dashboard access, they will send a welcome email with instructions on how to login. Again, if you did not yet see information on the student employees XST accounts (and directions for you to message your student employees), then please communicate in your original ITS ticket that you need the information on XST account activation to share with your tutors. 
  5. If at any point you wonder the status of your ticket in the process, check the status of your ticket and message the ITS team in that ticket to learn the status of your request for student employee access to their XST account, FERPA, and the Tutor Salesforce Department page. You can find how to Check the Status of an already submitted ticket by logging in at

For Returning Student Employee Tutors: 

If your tutor was already using the Salesforce Department Tutor page the previous year, that means they already completed FERPA and had an XST account.

Supervisors need to submit a ticket to ITS to have returning tutor student employees to have their XST accounts renewed for another year.

  1. If they will be a tutor a second year (or each returning year after their first year as tutor), then please at the start of the fall semester of that new year, create a  secondary account management  ticket. Submit a list of tutors from the previous year who require that their XST accounst be renewed. 
    Tips on what to fill in for a requesting a renewed XST account: 
    • Title of ticket: Type in “Need XST accounts extended for another year"
    • How can we help you? Select "I'm having problems with my new account" to request that your returning students all have their XST accounts from last year renewed.
    • Select XST Student (for the security account type)
    • Requested for: Type in the official UST email(s) for each student employee who needs their XST account renewed. If you have more than one student employee that you are requesting access for at the time of submitting this request, please include multiple requests in one form.
    • Whose Salesforce account should we copy? Ignore question about Salesforce (for this request to extend XST accounts)
    • Description: "I need XST accounts extended for another year for student tutor employees in the ______ department" 
  2. Student employees will not need their password changed unless they forgot it from the previous year. If they forgot their password from the previous year, they can contact the directly after the XST accounts have been renewed, and ask to have help creating a new password for their renewed XST account.

However, if your department, or that particular student employee did not use the Salesforce Tutor page for your department, then please follow the previous steps For New Tutor Student Employee.

Check That Training Has Been Completed

Tutor Leaders can take these steps to ensure your student employee tutors have completed the required Tutor Training at the start of their student employment as a tutor:

  1. Verify that your Student Employee Tutors have completed the Tutor Start Up Essentials badge/module 1 by either asking tutors to send you a link to their digital badge (which will verify they completed the training), or you can directly go into the module 1 and check to see if they completed all the content and pages of the site. 
  2. Verify that your Student Employee Tutors complete Tutor Foundations/module 2 within their first month of tutoring. We also encourage you to join into the discussion space in module 2 and be another supportive presence to all of our student employee colleagues! 
  3. Review that your tutors have started to record post session information into your Department Tutor Salesforce page. It is suggested to early on in their tutoring work check with your tutors to learn how they are doing at getting information reported to ensure things are working correctly. Contact our Salesforce team by creating a ticket or emailing for any difficulties in completing these forms.
  4. During the semester and into future semesters, encourage your tutors to also work on the modules 3 and 4 for additional training and development as tutors.

For Further Help 

If you are not already connected with the Tutor Leader group, either submit a ticket to the Online Learner Success Systems or email and ask to be connected to someone in the Tutor Leader group. Someone on the team can introduce you to the various resources and processes used by the Tutor Leaders. 

If you or your tutors do not find that your Tutor Area has the correct name of your department’s tutoring area show up on the drop down form for either  signing up or doing post session tutor notes in Salesforce, contact the Salesforce team by either creating a full ticket or emailing the information to Let them know the department area for your tutoring and the name you would like your tutor area to appear as on the sign up form.

If you are not sure if you have the correct set up for having your tutor log in post session information into Salesforce, feel free to set up a consultation appointment by creating a ticket or emailing at If you would like to create pre-scheduled appointments for tutoring, please ask about ScheduleOnce. If you do not yet use ScheduleOnce but would like to, please share your department name which would be needed to set up a user account. 

To report a problem or receive additional troubleshooting, please contact the Tech Desk
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