Help Student Tutors Access Training Resources

This service is for faculty and staff who are tutor supervisors or manage their department tutoring services. 

This article is for Tutor Leaders-- UST staff and faculty who are the lead managers of tutoring services in their area and/or supervisors of student employee tutors in their area. Tutor Leaders assist student employee tutors with accessing digital training (Tutor Training Canvas Hub and FERPA training) and account access (XST and the Tutor Salesforce account). 

Provide Tutor(s) Access to the Training Hub  

There is a Tutor Training Hub (in Canvas) for all student employee tutors and their supervisors. This Canvas site has a required module for all student employee tutors to complete before beginning work with students as well as additional training/badging opportunities. The initial training includes demonstrating an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a tutor in a D1 School. The training is also for the Tutor Leaders (program managers and supervisors of student tutors) to ensure they are familiar with the training expectations for tutors.

If you are not already enrolled in that Tutor Training Hub as a faculty/staff Tutor Leader, please self enroll. Once you self-enroll, message one of the contact people on the home page and ask to have your level of access changed to a TA role so you can see when your student tutors are in the site.

Once you are in the Tutor Training Hub, please make sure any new student tutor you hire is added into the Tutor Training Hub by sending them the self-enroll link for the Canvas site.

Note: This self-enroll link is a password protected URL that only works when logged into your UST account to use this password protected Tutor Training hub. 

Get Tutors Account Access  

In order for your tutor employees to fill in post tutor session information into your Department Tutor Salesforce page, they need to have completed the FERPA training and accessed an XST account which is an extra (secondary) email account for tutors.

To get your new tutors access to the appropriate FERPA training and accounts, please follow these steps:

  1. Request an XST account for each tutor through secondary account management.
  2. Request Salesforce access. For access type simply indicate that they will be a tutor. If the supervisor is not already in Salesforce please include in request as additional user.
  3. Salesforce team will trigger FERPA course invitation based on information in the Salesforce access request. This will come as an external email from Bridge.
  4. Student completes FERPA and forwards completion certificate to (It is recommended that they also forward it to the supervisor so the supervisor is aware, but that is up to the individual supervisor how they want to manage it.)
  5. Salesforce team sets up new tutor(s) and sends welcome email with instructions on how to login.

Check That Training Has Been Completed  

Tutor Leaders can take these steps to ensure your student employee tutors have completed the required Tutor Training at the start of their student employment as a tutor:

  1. Verify that your Student Employee Tutors have completed the Tutor Start Up Essentials badge/module 1 by either asking tutors to send you a link to their digital badge (which will verify they completed the training), or you can directly go into the module 1 and check to see if they completed all the content and pages of the site. 
  2. Review that your tutors have started to record post session information into your Department Tutor Salesforce page. It is suggested to early on in their tutoring work check with your tutors to learn how they are doing at getting information reported to ensure things are working correctly. Contact our Salesforce team by creating a ticket or emailing for any difficulties in completing these forms.

For Further Help 

If you are not already connected with the Tutor Leader group, either submit a ticket to the Online Learner Success Systems or email and ask to be connected to someone in the Tutor Leader group. Someone on the team can introduce you to the various resources and processes used by the Tutor Leaders. 

If you or your tutors do not find that your Tutor Area has the correct name of your department’s tutoring area show up on the drop down form for either  signing up or doing post session tutor notes in Salesforce, contact the Salesforce team by either creating a full ticket or emailing the information to Let them know the department area for your tutoring and the name you would like your tutor area to appear as on the sign up form.

If you are not sure if you have the correct set up for having your tutor log in post session information into Salesforce, feel free to set up a consultation appointment by creating a ticket or emailing at If you would like to create pre-scheduled appointments for tutoring, please ask about ScheduleOnce. If you do not yet use ScheduleOnce but would like to, please share your department name which would be needed to set up a user account. 

To report a problem or receive additional troubleshooting, please contact the Tech Desk


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