Salesforce EDA: Requesting a Report or Dashboard


How to request a new Report or Dashboard in Salesforce EDA


This service is for faculty and staff.

Salesforce is the official customer relationship management tool for the University of St. Thomas. EDA stands for Education Data Architecture and is the new Salesforce Environment we are migrating to starting Fall 2022. This article provides an overview of how to request a new report or dashboard in the new Salesforce EDA environment. 

How to Request a Report or Dashboard in SF EDA

The University started moving Salesforce environments from Enrollment RX to EDA starting Fall 2022 to provide better relationship interactions geared specifically toward Educational institutions. As we work through this migration the new EDA interface, data fields, and overall structure constantly evolve with each update/release ITS performs, therefore to ensure that all departments, schools and colleges have the most consistent data the ability to create new Reports and Dashboards within EDA is currently limited to a small team.

  1. Please complete any of the following Tommie Tech Service Request forms based on your needs:
  2. The Institutional Data, Analytics & Reporting (IDAR) team will review and complete the ticket based on your requests.
  3. The IDAR team will create documentation on your new/modified report, dashboard, or list in our centralized Data Cookbook for transparency of data.
  4. The IDAR team will close the ticket with a link to the report/dashboard/list and Data Cookbook documentation.

Where Can I Find My Reports and Dashboards in Salesforce EDA?

Once logged into the Salesforce EDA environment go to the Reports tab or Dashboards tab at the top of the screen and you will see the folders that you have been granted access to. Review the complete Salesforce EDA Folder Structure if you believe there is a folder you should have access to. All additional access requests can be made through Tommie Tech Services.

Can I Create My Own Reports and Dashboards in Salesforce EDA?

At this time, due to the daily evolution of Salesforce EDA during the migration only the IDAR team has the capability to create or edit Reports and Dashboards within Salesforce EDA. This is to ensure top consistency and accuracy in the data the reports/dashboard are producing since there are new fields and differences from Salesforce Enrollment RX. Once we are further along in the migration this current process will be re-reviewed.




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