Apple: How to Use Self Service on a St. Thomas Mac

This service is for faculty, staff, students, and student workers.

Accessing Self Service

Using the menu bar on your Mac, choose Go >  Applications and then double-click the Self Service app to open the app
Self Service App in Applications Folder in Finder Window

Installing Software From Self Service

When Self Service opens, you will see the Home page. The Home page contains ITS-recommended applications and tools available for faculty and staff to install on their university-provided Mac. You can also browse for additional applications & tools using the search box or left-side category list.
Self Service Home Window
After you find a software title you want to install, click on the Install button for that software title. Self Service will begin installing the software title on your computer. If you notice a Reinstall button, it is because the software is already available on your computer.
Self Service Application Choice Install & Reinstall Buttons

Note: Some software installations may require you to restart your computer. You will receive a prompt if your computer requires a restart.

Installing Software Updates From Self Service

As updates become available for certain university-managed applications, ITS will publish these updates to Self Service. Updates can be found and installed under the Notifications tab in Self Service.
App Update in Self Service Window
Core applications like Microsoft Products (Office Suite, OneDrive, Teams), Adobe Reader, and web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge) update automatically even when you are off-campus and not connected to VPN.

Troubleshooting Tools in Self Service

In the left-side category list in Self Service, you can find helpful fix-it tools under the Troubleshooting category. Examples include Reset My Keychain and Detect Installed 32-bit Apps.
Self Service Troubleshooting Window

To report a problem or receive additional troubleshooting, please contact the Tech Desk
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