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IMPORTANT! As of Nov 7, 2023 some of the directions for logging into Adobe applications and website have changed.  If you're having problems, log out of your Adobe applications by clicking on the small icon in the upper right of the window, choosing Sign Out and then logging back in again using the following directions.


Launch an Adobe application for which you are licensed or launch the Creative Cloud Desktop Application. You should immediately be prompted to sign in. Enter your standard (not vanity) St. Thomas email address (example: instead of

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At the next screen, please choose Company or School Account.

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At the next screen, log in using your standard St. Thomas e-mail account and password.

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If you are prompted to select a profile to sign in, choose UST-MN: Acrobat and Creative Cloud.  The University Of. St. Thomas profile option does not lead to any current licenses.

That's it! The next time you're prompted to sign in to any Adobe product for which you are licensed, just use your UST e-mail address and and password.

Once you launch the Adobe software, you will see the following screen. Under your existing license, you can install anything that has an Install button next to it.

If you receive an e-mail from Adobe with a Get Started button, you will see the following screen. It's OK (and safe) to click on the Open Link button (and you can avoid seeing that message in the future by first selecting the "Always allow to open aam links" checkbox.




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