Software: Install Software on your St. Thomas Computer

This service is for all computers managed by ITS and St. Thomas.

Select software is already available for installation on your St. Thomas computer that does not require the use of administrative credentials. You can browse and install these software titles from the Software Center (PC) or Self-Service App (Mac). 

On a St. Thomas PC

  1. Go to the Start menu and search for Software Center
    Software Center logo
  2. From here you will be able to find a variety of software that you can install on your St. Thomas computer. 
  3. Click on the software title. You will see an install button for any software that is available for your computer. If you see an uninstall button it is because the software is already available on your computer and can be removed by you at any time.

Tip: You will see a red badge on the Self Service application icon and receive a notification when an update is available for your applications.

On a St. Thomas Mac

  1. You can access Self Service by navigating to the Applications folder on your Mac. From the menu bar at the top of your desktop, choose Go and then select Applications.
    Application Folder from Menu Bar
  2. Double-click the Self Service icon to open the application.
    Applications Folder Window with Self Service Icon Selected
  3. After you find a software title you want to install, click on the Install button for that software title. Self Service will begin installing the software title on your computer. If you notice a Reinstall button, it is because the software is already available on your computer.

    Note: Some software installations may require you to restart your computer. You will receive a prompt if your computer requires a restart.​​​​​​​

    Self Service Application Choice Install & Reinstall Buttons

For more info on Self Service, please visit our Mac: How to Use Self Service on a UST Mac knowledge base article.

Don't see what you need?

If you do not see a software listed this website or within the self-service options described above, please contact the Tech Desk and request software by providing the following information:

  • The software title (or service) you would like to purchase or get more information
  • Your budget index number
  • The AssetID number of the computer on which you would like the software to be installed.

Note: Faculty and staff are not allowed to sign contracts for software or services on behalf of the University. ITS is available to help facilitate this process. 

Don't see the software you're looking for? Please contact the Tech Desk for assistance. 
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