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Services or Offerings?
New accounts for people that are not faculty, staff, or students but still require St. Thomas systems access.

If you are looking for any of the following, this is the service you need:
-XST Accounts (Student Worker Account)
-IPC Accounts
-CWB Accounts
-XADM Accounts
-XTRA Accounts

For accounts tied to a service, device, or application rather than a person. We also support the creation of shared mailboxes (but an individual account is still require for access). PLEASE NOTE: Requests for a single, shared login for a group of people to our systems violate our account policy and will need to go through a rigorous exception process to be considered.

Form for requesting a change of permissions or details on an existing account

For requests - typically from managers - related to employee departures. Requests can include guidance, data preservation, and other off-boarding account issues.

For requests related to Microsoft Identity Manager - these requests are usually internal to ITS.