Part of Term

This service is available for faculty and staff.


When the form is complete, please submit the ticket. This form will be sent directly to the Student Data and Registrar's office. Questions regarding part of term should be directed to


  1. Part of terms must be added to a term before registration for that term has begun.
  2. Only the person requesting a part of term may specify the add and drop dates. Modifications of part of terms are not permitted, since others may schedule in a part of term and depend on the dates.
  3. Starting or ending parts of term outside of the default term dates could have consequences with regard to student financial aid, billing, reporting and grades.
  4. You must also enter from and to dates for the registration/drop codes below. If you will not be using certain codes, please put a N/A in the box.
  5. Courses that use the part of term must fall within 7 days of the start date and the end date of the part of term. If you have classes that fall outside that window, another part of term must be requested to fall within the 7 days to be compliant with financial aid.

Anyone using a part of term that is not their own must adhere to the registration, and drop dates and codes set for by the original requestor.


The guidelines listed below for AUDITS are specific to the undergraduate policies regarding audits. If you are a graduate coordinator requesting a graduate part of term, please follow your policies regarding the dates of availability for audit codes.

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