Faculty and Staff support for Academic data, systems and processes.

Services (20)

Academic Standing

Request related to academic standing.

Batch Registration

Request to mass add or drop students to a course.

Batch Transcript

Request to mass print transcripts.

Committee on Studies Petition Approval

Request adjustments to the student degree evaluations.

Cross Lists

A form used to cross list sections together that meeting at the same time and place with the same instructor but may be under multiple crns.

Degree Works

Requests for Degree Works such as section based prerequisites, custom degree evaluations, updates to the evaluation codes, etc.

Diploma Updates

Request related to diploma requests or templates.

Instructional Method Change

Request form for instructional method changes after registration exists on an existing course.

Linking Course Requests

A request to link sections together (such as a lecture and a lab).


Request a service that does not have a category.

Part of Term

Request form for part of term requests in order to build sections outside of the standard catalog terms and refund rules.


Include student name, student ID number (or date of birth if ID unknown), proxy name, proxy email address.
Describe the issue the student or proxy is experiencing.

Registration Override

Request a registration override for a student that might be experiencing an error when registering like not meeting prerequisites.

Repeat Course (Inclusion/Exclusion)

This ticket is used address questions related to repeat questions.

Time Tickets

Request form to build time tickets for students to register in Murphy Online.

Transfer Credit Evaluation

Requests to processes transfer credits

Waivers and Substitutions

Requests for manual adjustments to a student's degree evaluation.