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Includes all the cool collaborative tools that our STELAR team recommends for your instructional collaboration needs!

STELAR can work with degree programs and academic departments to convert programs, certificates and courses into online formats in support of new enrollment

The STELAR center can provide guidance and tools for media production to enable instructors to develop audio and video presentations.

Learn how technology can help you develop courses that achieve student learning outcomes.

Access to High-Performance Computing resources, HPC build consultation, help with algorithm development and implementation.

Virtual Reality exhibition and authoring.

Virtual Reality experiences for individual or classroom use.

Training on an array of instructional topics is typically scheduled each month, and is also available by request to academic departments.

Lecture capture refers to creating video content by simultaneously recording one's screen, slides, or camera output and one's voice or audio narration.

Assistive technologies can help make resources more available to individuals on campus.

The OEC Multimedia Studio provides access to professional grade video production equipment and production assistance.