Landing Pages

This service is available for faculty, staff, students, student clubs, and visitors

Getting Started

  • A Landing Page is typically part of a campaign. When someone clicks on a paid search, social media, or display ad, or a link in a promotional email, they usually “land” on a landing page.
  • A Landing Page is a stand-alone webpage that is not part of the navigable website and is hidden from Search Engines.
  • Most (but not all) landing pages have a form.
  • A Landing Page allows us to deliver key messages and lead someone towards a specific action like submitting a Request For Information (RFI) form.
  • The completed RFI form (from the Landing Page) is the ultimate measurement of a successful campaign


Request Service

Our request service form will allow you to:

  • Request a new landing page. This is typically done after you’ve submitted a creative brief and attended your kick-off meeting. If you do not need creative, you can directly submit this request for service.
    • Note: Landing pages can only be requested by embedded MICers. If you need a landing page, please reach out to your contact in Marketing, Insights, and Communications.
  • How is this different than a creative brief? A creative brief defines the needs for copy and images for the Creative Team in MIC.


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