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A digital badge and microcredential are electronic, visual indicators that show knowledge, skills, and competencies that a student, staff or faculty have gained from the training or learning experiences. ITS staff consult with interested stakeholders to assist in their development of badges that adhere to quality practices and interface with our external badging platforms to provide verifiable credentials. We also can help you find existing badging options at St. Thomas.

Need to submit a request but don't know where to start? Feel free to use this option.

Assistive technologies can help make resources more available to individuals on campus.

Learn how technology can help you develop courses that achieve student learning outcomes.

Access to High-Performance Computing resources, HPC build consultation, help with algorithm development and implementation.

Tk20 is an assessment, accountability and management system to help colleges and universities meet requirements for accreditation.

ITS can provide data, integrate it with databases, and help you understand how to utilize data to achieve your goals.

Need to send sensitive data but aren't sure how to do it securely? LiquidFiles is here to help!

Security Operations Controls includes the support and management of security controls for a variety of enterprise platforms and technologies. The controls may include both proactive controls that help prevent security events, and reactive controls that help detect and limit their impact.

Degree Works™ is a comprehensive academic advising, program planning, transfer articulation, and degree audit (evaluation) solution that helps students stay on track to graduate. Degree Works is a product of Ellucian.

Solutions to reduce to risk of server exposure to viruses and other malware.

Coordinating the release of both standard and out of band Windows server patching.

Writing assistance for technology grants.

Virtual Reality exhibition and authoring.

VoiceThread is a robust discussion tool that gives students and faculty the ability to have asynchronous conversations using their voice, video, images, text and more. VoiceThread makes a great tool for class introductions, narrated slides, group dialogue and student presentations.