Hardware Acquisition

This service is available for faculty and staff.

ITS provides leased computers to employees for office use as well as public and classroom computers and tracks these assets in an inventory database.

Computers for Employees

The University distributes both PC and Mac, desktop and laptop computers to faculty and staff members on a lease cycle. New leased hardware is evaluated at the conclusion of each lease cycle based on individual and departmental needs. 

  • Laptops are replaced on a 3 year lease cycle.
  • Desktops are replaced on a 4 year lease cycle.
  • Monitors will no longer be leased, but are available for purchase beginning summer 2019.

Getting Started

Departments who wish to purchase additional new hardware may use the Request Service form on this page for assistance. Please include the following information:

  • Name
  • Department index number:
  • Software or hardware you are requesting:
  • Asset number you want hardware/software added to:

If you are unsure of what hardware or software you would like please send a detailed explanation of what you would like the software/hardware to do and we can look into options for you. 

Request Service

Our request service form will allow you to request new or additional hardware.

Click to Request Service


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