$ Budgets, Acquisitions, and Inventory

Purchase consultation, licensing, vendor management and contract negotiations for hardware and software purchases and leasing.

Services (6)

Electronic Signature

Request or inquire about licensing and/or options for providing electronic signatures.

Hardware Acquisition

‚ÄčITS Purchase acquires computing devices and peripheral equipment on request. These include unique computers, mobile phones, tablets, headsets, external hard drives, etc. These are provided with department approval and funding.

Hardware Moves

Technology asset moves, including those required for construction projects

Inventory Management

Tracking of university assets, management of asset warehouse, and reporting of asset information.

Software Purchasing & Licensing

Request a new application or license for your St. Thomas computer.

Technology Contract and Renewal Management

ITS purchases and manages all software and cloud services installed on (or accessed from) workstations owned or managed by the university. Departments take advantage of price breaks as a result of aggregate buying, and university-wide management of software and service licensing ensures that the university remains in compliance with copyright laws.