Data Empowerment

This service is available for faculty, staff, and student workers. 

ITS manages access and the administration of data at St. Thomas. Faculty, staff, and student workers can receive access to data, reporting and analytics tool including: Salesforce, Cognos Analytics, Optix, Banner, etc.

We are committed to the following:

  • All are empowered to explore the data available at the University!
  • We want our data to be as available and transparent as possible and will review each request to ensure data privacy and ethics are always upheld.
  • Provide training opportunities on a variety of data and analytical topics.

Note: All data is owned by the University of St. Thomas. Data privacy, security, and ethics are upheld according to the university standards and processes.

Warning: Please note this data request can be viewed by all Tommie Tech Service Technicians and sensitive data and/or comments should not be entered through this form. 

Getting Started

Access to these tools and services requires FERPA training, XST accounts for student workers, and designated access through the request service form. 

Request Service

Our request service form will allow you to:

  • Request permission access for an existing or new employees to one of the university's reporting or analytical tools.
  • Request permission to access a specific data field, group, table that is essential to achieve a business goal. 
  • Troubleshoot or report a problem
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