Data Analytics

This service is available for faculty, staff, and students.

ITS is here to serve you with data analytics. This can include: solving a business problem, data exploration, statistical modeling, predictive modeling, or post-survey results exploration. The output format can vary depending on the project.

Warning: Please note this data request can be viewed by all Tommie Tech Service Technicians and sensitive data and/or comments should not be entered through this form. 

We can serve you with:

  • Data Visualization and Storytelling
    Have lots of data and unsure how to best visualize it - infographic, dashboard, PowerPoint, etc. - we are available to help recommend, train, or create an impactful data visualization or data story. We can also collaborate on conference presentations involving data.
  • Data Analysis Projects
    Request a analytics expert to explore, analyse and provide recommended action for the business question you are trying to answer. Our experts are bold and creative in using data to find trends and insight. 
  • Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning Projects
    What is your business dream? Have what may seem like a "crazy idea" to impact campus in a positive way? Have an extremely manual business process you are considering in improving with technology? Looking to predict outcomes using data? Complete a request form and meet with one of our team members and evaluate the business goal you are trying to achieve. We have many great minds on campus ready to collaborate with you on your dream projects!
  • Analytics Consultation
    Looking to solve a business problem using analytics and not sure what data is available to help provide insight? Book an appointment with a analytics team member and we we will personally work with you to evaluate next steps.

Getting Started

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  • Request a new analysis project
  • Request changes to an existing or completed analysis project
  • Request assistance with data visualization and storytelling
  • Request assistance with your machine learning project
  • Troubleshoot or report a problem
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