Desktop and Application Virtualization

This service is available for faculty, staff, and students.

ITS provides remote access to specific software applications through the use of both Remote Desktop and Amazon AppStream.

For select courses, software access is facilitated through LabStats' Remote Access dashboards, where dedicated Windows PCs are visible to users for Remote Desktop connection. For other courses, Amazon AppStream provides access to a full desktop environment through a web browser.

All applications available for remote access are pre-approved by ITS. Software is offered through one of the two methods based on software licensing terms and other factors.

Getting Started

Faculty and staff who wish to offer remote access to software applications through Remote Desktop or AppStream can use the "Click to Request Service" button to start the process.

As requests are received, we first verify that existing software licensing permits use of the application in Remote Desktop or AppStream. If so, applications are built so that requestors can test them before making them accessible to end-users.

If after testing it is determined by the faculty member that the solution will meet the needs of the course, the environment is deployed to production and made available to students.

Request Service

Our request service form will allow you to report a problem or submit a request.

Click to Request Service

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