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Sometimes people that are NOT students, faculty, or staff may need access to resources at the University of St. Thomas.  The Courtesy Account Process in intended to meet that need.  Courtesy accounts typically have limited access, and are mostly short term use. 

  • Courtesy Accounts
    • Service Providers and Licensees - 3rd party entities using UST facilities within a contractual agreement (e.g. ELS, Credit Union)
    • Independent Contractors - Non-employees who are paid as a vendor through a purchasing contract. Please email a copy of the purchasing contract to HR_SYSTEMS@STTHOMAS.EDU
    • Agency Temps/Vendor Agents - Temporary/vendor employees paid through an agency rather than directly from the university
    • Visiting Faculty - Approved visiting faculty not connected to courses in such a way as to receive access as a faculty member
    • Visiting/International Scholars - Approved visiting scholars not registered for courses in such a way as to receive access as a student
    • Volunteers - Community members who are assisting the university in a capacity that does not fall into one of the above categories
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