Voice Services (Telephones and Voicemail)

This services is available for faculty, staff, and student workers.

The university offers a number of different telephone sets for faculty and staff use and associated voice services. 


ITS Voice Services provides single line sets at no cost to the department. Multi-line sets may be purchased. Purchases include all future maintenance and repairs, including replacement, as needed. If you would like to have a different phone, you should first check with your department head since all phones are purchased through departmental budgets.

  • Moving offices? You can request your phone be moved to the new office from our request form
  • Long distance calling is available by request. 


Voice mailboxes are accessible from both on and off campus. You have access to a variety of voicemail features that you'll find detailed in our Knowledge Base articles. 

Long Distance Code

Faculty and staff making a long distance call will hear a beep after you dial the outbound number. Enter your code to proceed with the call. 

  • Faculty and staff can request a long distance code using the Request Service form on this page. 
  • If you have a code already, but need to change it you can contact the Tech Desk.

Getting Started

For information on how to use your campus telephone and voicemail, visit the Knowledge Base. Read instructions on how to use your phone's features in our FAQ's below.

Request Service

Our request service form will allow you to:

  • Request a new device
  • Request a phone change due to office moves
  • Request a long distance code
  • Request voicemail passcode change
  • Troubleshoot or report a problem

Be sure to have your budget index code on hand.