Administrative and Business

Services that support the administrative and business functions of the university.
Includes enterprise systems, business capability and process automation, financial and procurement systems, human resource systems, library systems, and other systems supporting the day-to-day operations of the university.

Categories (7)

Alumni and Advancement

Alumni portals and services that support university advancement and development.

Business Capability and Process Automation

Practices, frameworks, and technologies that automate, improve efficiencies, and measure the effectiveness of business processes. Includes IT service management; ticket management; operations, business, sales, and marketing management platforms; document and signature management services; customer relationship management; job scheduling; and workflow management.

Event Management and Support

Services that support event registration and management, as well as support of event AV technology.

Facilities Management

Support of room and facility systems, including event management (room management, hotel, concierge, seating, conference registration, etc.), mapping, building security, safety and risk management, dining systems, point of sale, transportation, laundry, and parking systems.

Faculty Information Systems

Administration and maintenance of faculty administration, review, and promotion and tenure systems.

Finance and Business Office

Financial and Business Office includes the following and are available outside Tommie Tech in our new Service Requests portal

Access Request - Financial Tools
Approval Queue Maintenance or Financial Manager Updates
New Index or Activity Code
Rate Code
Student Exemption/Discount Notification
Student Program Code

Student Information Systems

Systems that student success and student life. This includes services that support admission and retention, advising, student housing, registration, student accounts and more.