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Accessibility Support

Assistive technologies can help make resources more available to individuals on campus.

Account - New Courtesy

New accounts for people that are not faculty, staff, or students but still require St. Thomas systems access.

Account - New Secondary

New accounts for faculty and staff privileged access, and student worker accounts (XST).

Account - New Service, Shared Mailbox, or Generic

Account or Permission Change

Account Termination - Standard

Accreditation & Assessment (TK20)

Tk20 is an assessment, accountability and management system to help colleges and universities meet requirements for accreditation.

Active Directory and Authentication Services

Need description here.

Aid Year Setup

short description here

Alumni Directory

The Alumni Directory is a secure, online community for St. Thomas alumni to engage, in a directory and new sharing environment.

App Virtualization (AppStream)

ITS uses Amazon AppStream to provide virtual access to software and lab environments.

Appointment Scheduling (ScheduleOnce)

Utilization of the ScheduleOnce platform that integrates with Salesforce and Microsoft Office.

Attendance Tracking (Canvas aPlus+)

Audience Response Systems

Poll Everywhere allows students to respond to class polls via text messages and a web interface.

AV and Classroom Technology

ITS provides training, support, and additional services to ensure that classrooms, meeting rooms, and large event spaces are suitably equipped for a positive educational experience.


Badging and Microcredentials: Introduction and Getting Started

A digital badge and microcredential are electronic, visual indicators that show knowledge, skills, and competencies that a student, staff or faculty have gained from the training or learning experiences. ITS staff consult with interested stakeholders to assist in their development of badges that adhere to quality practices and interface with our external badging platforms to provide verifiable credentials. We also can help you find existing badging options at St. Thomas.


Campus Scheduling Services (Series25)

The Campus Scheduling Services team facilitates the scheduling of St. Thomas’ location resources for academic courses and internal meetings and events. Campus Scheduling Services is an Administrative Department thus available and processing requests Monday - Friday 7:00 am - 4:00pm.

Checkout Equipment

To support Faculty and Staff who periodically require extra computers or other technology equipment in their work, ITS manages a number of checkout devices, mostly laptops and projectors. Other equipment is available to be used in classrooms and event spaces on request, as well.

Collaboration and File Sharing (Microsoft 365)

Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, Teams, and other related offerings.

Computer Lab Management

Includes configuration, monitoring, and reporting.

Constituent Relationship Management (Salesforce)

Salesforce is the University of St. Thomas's system of engagement for students (prospective, current, and alumni).

Course Evaluation Systems (IDEA)

IDEA forms are designed to provide faculty with feedback about their courses.

Current Student & Retention Management

The Salesforce platform is supporting current student engagements for Undergraduate and Graduate Students.



ITS can provide data, integrate it with databases, and help you understand how to utilize data to achieve your goals.

Data Access & Administration

ITS manages access and the administration of data at St. Thomas.

Data Analytics

ITS is here to serve you with data analytics. This can include: solving a business problem, data exploration, statistical modeling, predictive modeling, or post-survey results exploration.

Data Integration (Jitterbit)

Jitterbit is used at St. Thomas to intergrate Banner, Salesforce, and other third party software.

Degree Planning Systems (Degree Works)

Degree Works™ is a comprehensive academic advising, program planning, transfer articulation, and degree audit (evaluation) solution that helps students stay on track to graduate. Degree Works is a product of Ellucian.

Device Backup (Code42)

Automatically back up your St. Thomas Mac or PC user files using CrashPlan.

Digital Signage

Announcements, news, events, and other content advertised on digital displays across campus

Document Management and Retention (Optix)


Email and Calendar

A mailbox is provided in Office 365 to all qualified students, faculty, and staff members upon creation of their St. Thomas account.

Enrollment Application Support

The Salesforce Platform supports the admission application for Undergraduate and Graduate programs.

Enrollment Management

The Salesforce platform is supporting the intake, management and yield process of prospective students at the Graduate and Undergraduate levels.

Enterprise Resource Planning (Banner)

Banner contains the university's system of record for alumni, employee, financial, and student information.

ePortfolios (Portfolium)

Portfolium is a tool that allows you to showcase your work throughout your educational career at the University of St. Thomas.

Event Registration and Management (UST Events)

Managed through Salesforce with direct feeds to the St. Thomas website for Marketing purposes.

Event Technology Support

We support events ranging from lectures and meetings to award ceremonies and concerts.

Exam Proctoring (Proctorio)


Faculty Training

Training on an array of instructional topics is typically scheduled each month, and is also available by request to academic departments.

Forefront Identity Manager (FIM)

Forms and Workflow Development

Microsoft Office 365 provides several options for building forms, web applications, workflows, approvals, and automation.


General Help Request

Need to submit a request but don't know where to start? Feel free to use this option.

Grant Writing for Research Technology Projects

Writing assistance for technology grants.


Hardware Acquisition

​ITS Purchase acquires computing devices and peripheral equipment on request. These include unique computers, mobile phones, tablets, headsets, external hard drives, etc. These are provided with department approval and funding.

Hardware Repair

ITS facilitates the repair and maintenance of all leased HP and Apple computers.


Instructional Collaboration Support

Includes all the cool collaborative tools that our STELAR team recommends for your instructional collaboration needs!

Instructional Design Consulting

Learn how technology can help you develop courses that achieve student learning outcomes.

Instructional Media Development

The STELAR center can provide guidance and tools for media production to enable instructors to develop audio and video presentations.

Inventory Management

Includes tracking of leased and purchased technology assets, as well as technology equipment moves.


LastPass Password Manager

Learning Management Systems (Canvas)

Canvas allows instructors to provide course materials and create collaboration spaces for students in an easy-to-use online format.

Lecture Capture (Panopto)

Lecture capture refers to creating video content by simultaneously recording one's screen, slides, or camera output and one's voice or audio narration.


Mac OS and Software Support

Apple macOS operating system and software support, device provisioning, and ongoing maintenance

Mass Email

Send your communications to a large group of individuals through our mass email tools including: Marketing Cloud, Lyris, and Auto DGs.

MFA: Multi-factor Authentication

Mobile Device Management

Options for managing university-owned iPads and iPhones.

Multimedia Studio

The OEC Multimedia Studio provides access to professional grade video production equipment and production assistance.


Network Access

Wired and Wireless connectivity support

News and Events Submission

Spread your department's news and events with the rest of the university community.



OneStThomas is the university's intranet (authentication-secured) platform which provides a place to start your digital day at St. Thomas.

Online Asynchronous Discussions (VoiceThread)

VoiceThread is a robust discussion tool that gives students and faculty the ability to have asynchronous conversations using their voice, video, images, text and more. VoiceThread makes a great tool for class introductions, narrated slides, group dialogue and student presentations.

Online Course and Program Design and Development

STELAR can work with degree programs and academic departments to convert programs, certificates and courses into online formats in support of new enrollment

Online Learner Success Systems

Co-create and implement online (digital) student learning supports such as orientations sites, student-focused technology resources, and success tools. Advocate for a connected, equitable, student digital experience.


Person(s) & Organizational Management

The Salesforce platform is supporting Alumni and Constituent engagements for the St. Thomas.

Personal File Storage (OneDrive)

Store your personal user files in OneDrive, part of Office 365. Sync files to your computer and easily share content with others.

Plagiarism Detection (SimCheck)

Policy Exception Request

Portfolio and Project Management

Print, Scan, and Fax

Technology associated with printers and copiers, such as copy, scan, fax, and print. Includes supporting technologies such as print quota systems.


Report a Security Incident

Notice something fishy (or phishy) with an account or system? Start here.


Create and update reports, audit data for accuracy, and use data for accreditation.

Research Computing

Access to High-Performance Computing resources, HPC build consultation, help with algorithm development and implementation.


Scholarship Application Support

The Salesforce Platform supports all types of form applications that are relevant to Scholarships offered at St. Thomas.

Secure File Sharing (LiquidFiles)

Need to send sensitive data but aren't sure how to do it securely? LiquidFiles is here to help!

Security Consulting Request

Security Operations Controls (Including O365 Security)

Security Operations Controls includes the support and management of security controls for a variety of enterprise platforms and technologies. The controls may include both proactive controls that help prevent security events, and reactive controls that help detect and limit their impact.

Server and Database Management

Microsoft Windows Servers, Red Hat Linux Servers, SQL and Oracle databases.

Server Endpoint Protection

Solutions to reduce to risk of server exposure to viruses and other malware.

Software Purchasing & Licensing

Request a new application or license for your St. Thomas computer.

St. Thomas Mobile App

Designed by Tommies for Tommies.

Surveys and Web Forms (Qualtrics)

Create surveys and web-based forms to collect information, run reports, and capture insights.


Technology Contract and Renewal Management

ITS purchases and manages all software and cloud services installed on (or accessed from) workstations owned or managed by the university. Departments take advantage of price breaks as a result of aggregate buying, and university-wide management of software and service licensing ensures that the university remains in compliance with copyright laws.

Test Scanning and Scoring (Scantron)

Scantron branded Test Scoring and Optical Mark Read (OMR) scanners that score “bubble” answer forms to assist instructors in quickly grading exams.

Text Messaging and Related Technologies

Text Messaging via the Salesforce or Marketing Cloud Platforms for enhanced communication efforts.

TV Services

Cable TV and live streaming services through XFINITY On Demand are available for departments, campus common areas, and residence hall rooms.


Virtual Reality Projects

Virtual Reality exhibition and authoring.

Virtual Reality Technology

Virtual Reality experiences for individual or classroom use.

Voice Services (Telephones and Voicemail)

Telephone, Voicemail, and Long Distance services.


Waivers and Substitutions

short description here

Web Applications

ITS develops and manages many web applications that provide various features, enhance and are used by the university website and often use enterprise data. They include ClassFinder, the St. Thomas directory, My Actions, interactive campus maps, the campus shuttle tracker and others.

Web Conferencing

St. Thomas offers Zoom and Microsoft Teams that allow you to host virtual audio/video meetings.

Website URL Redirects and Link Shortening

ITS offers two options for creating user-friendly URLs that are short, branded, and redirect to another website.


ITS partners with the MIC team to manage the university's websites including: Cascade, T4, OneStThomas, Wordpress blogs, and the asset bank photo database.

Windows OS and Software Support

Microsoft Windows operating system and software support, device provisioning, and ongoing maintenance

Windows Server Patch Management

Coordinating the release of both standard and out of band Windows server patching.

Workload Automation (AppWorx)